Adroit produces one of the largest ranges of Propeller Shaft Assemblies and Components in the world to cater to global requirements. Adroit supplies driveline products at economical prices that are designed, engineered and manufactured to perform like the original equipment. Adroit has the resources to develop and supply the replacement products needed to service all makes of automobiles, light trucks, commercial vehicles, ATVs, and agricultural, construction and industrial equipment on a day-to-day basis. Available products include:


Adroit uses the latest technologies in the design and manufacture of its propshafts to optimize driveline performance and negate vibrational issues. Our experienced driveline engineers design and validate all components and systems to international standards. Adroit has a solution to meet your requirements of all kind of driveshafts. Features and Benefits

Diverse product portfolio - U-joints ranging from AD1000 to AD1810 series in maintenance-free or greaseable models, with an extensive selection of robust yokes Center bearings with high vibrational damping characteristics — Designed and balanced to meet high RPM requirements with reduced vibrations. Forged components - High strength design reduces ear-and-plug deflection for reduced warranty and risk of leaks under load.

Robust, durable designs - Long-lasting under constant high power loads in the harshest conditions.

Tested and verified - Designs meet performance standards for low maintenance, high speed/high torque and the other requirements of heavy-duty off-highway applications. Custom solutions - Driveline assemblies in a wide range of lengths and torque load to meet application requirements.

Driveline components

Adroit has the broadest variety of forged driveline components for light, medium and heavy duty applications:

We also provide a wide variety of vendor specific parts to cater to special needs of our customer.

We offer a full range of components for AD1000–AD1810 series, wing style (ADD5C–AD9C), and metric series AD287-10 to AD687-55.

We specialize in developing exclusive conversion products and unique niche products to solve difficult driveline problems. Our component coverage is extensive, and we offer both unwelded assemblies and complete assemblies.

Our driveline component designs are tested and validated as part of our commitment to meet OE quality and performance standards. Our driveline components are produced using state-of-the art technology and manufacturing processes that allow for precision machining and control of tight tolerances.

Our range of driveline components light and heavy includes weld yokes, slip yokes, stub shafts, flange yokes and flange socket yokes, end yokes, centering and H yokes, CV head assemblies, companion flanges and driveline tubing.

Adroit also offers aftermarket double-Cardan CV head assemblies.

Features and Benefits:

  • Slip yokes and stub shafts machined to tight tolerances — Minimizes axial movement and/or hinging. We are considered the industry leader in providing heavy duty slip yokes and stub shafts with superior fits.
  • Nylon coated stub shafts — Prevents premature wear and axial movement.
  • Forged components — High strength design reduces ear-and-plug deflection for reduced warranty and risk of leaks under load.
  • Wide variety of aftermarket double-Cardan CV head assemblies.

Universal joints

Adroits universal joints are available for light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, construction and off-highway, agricultural, small vehicle and industrial applications. Adroit’s U-joints are designed and engineered to be serviceable, fit the vehicle, and perform like original equipment. We understand the need for superior quality to ensure long life, reduce downtime and save maintenance costs.

Our product offering includes permanently lubricated and greaseable universal joints for AD1000–AD1810 series (light to heavy duty), AD5C–AD9C (wing style), and metric series AD287-10 to AD687-55.

Adroit's universal joints are produced to tight tolerances. We ensure maximum strength and life of a universal joint.

Features and Benefits:

  • Long-life seals - Resist heat, keep out contaminants and help maintain lubrication.
  • Tight tolerances and precision grinding of journal trunnion radii - Eliminates potential stress risers which can lead to premature failure.
  • Precise case hardening - Heat treating processes increase universal joint strength and durability.
  • Our features also include ease of lubrication.
  • Low maintenance lube for life u-joints - Reduce maintenance costs and vehicle downtime.

Double Cardan assemblies

Utilizing our knowledge, expertise and state of the art technology as a Tier One supplier of light duty drivelines in the OE market, Adroit offers a wide variety of double-Cardan CV head assemblies in the aftermarket.

Shaft Grade Tubing

We offer seamless steel tubes of propeller shaft grade in wide range of sizes.

Center bearings

We offer a wide range of high quality center bearing for propeller shafts. Adroit’s center bearing are engineered for the specific application requirements, ensuring precise driveshaft alignment and support

Designed to provide smooth and quiet operation, the bearings are pre-lubricated for life and sealed with metal reinforced seals to prevent contamination. Support cushions are manufactured using the highest quality rubber compounds to provide support while isolating the driveline from damaging vibration. Center supports are offered with and without slingers, where applicable.

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